Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Academic Achievement?

Academic Achievement is an after-school educational program that employs a unique learning method designed to help each child develop the skills needed to perform to his or her full potential. Academic Achievement facilitates self-acquisition of the skills and study habits needed to improve academic performance. This empowers children to succeed on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment that fosters further achievement.

Is My Child the Right Age for Academic Achievement?

At Academic Achievement we have students from 1st grade to the college/university level. Before acceptance into the program each student goes though an interview and a written test to determine their weaknesses. It is preferable to begin developing skills early in order to get the greatest results.

Is Academic Achievement an "Enrichment" or "Remedial" Program?

Academic Achievement can help children who have fallen behind and are struggling, as well as those who are doing well but are seeking enrichment. Our objective is to help children reach their full potential and perform above their school grade.

Why is Academic Achievement Such an Effective Complement to My Child's Schooling?

Schools must cover material according to age or grade, and classes must advance as a group. Not all children grasp all concepts at the same pace. Academic Achievement allows the individual needs and abilities of each child to govern his or her own progress.

How Soon Will I See Results in My Child?

Some children progress very rapidly, while others take longer. We view education as an ongoing process, and we are not meant to be a “quick-fix” solution. We encourage parents to keep their children enrolled for at least six months to a year before judging the effectiveness of the program.